Life Unfolds


It is true life does just unfold in weird ways. I never planned most of my life, well I had a plan but the plan just didn’t work out. I lived and took the opportunities that came along and here I am. There is a lot of my life that I just simply love. There is some of it that I can do without. And then there are other moments that just are, for lack of a better description.

When I was a kid if you had of asked me if I was going to grow up and do what I am doing I’d probably said no way, yet here I am. And I am good with that.

If you had of asked me if I was going to move 1200 miles from my family I’d of said no way but yet that’s what I did.

If you’d asked me if I be widowed at age 50 I would have said absolutely not but yet that is what happened.

I never thought I’d be starting over at this age yet that is exactly what I am doing and enjoying it finally.

Life just unfolds all around us. We have to fully enjoy and capture the many moments that happen. We have to look for the open doors and walk thought them and just see what happens.

I am not going to let life pass me by while I wait for my future. No my future is unfolding all around me. I am going to jump in and enjoy this weird, wild ride called life.


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