The Conversation

I had this conversation with a person very close to me today. He is very money driven. I am very service driven. I am a community volunteer and I love what I do. I don’t get glory for it. I don’t get pats on the back for it. I rarely even get acknowledged for what I do. But it make me feel good so I do it anyway. I see my success and I enjoy it in my heart.

Listen in on my conversation and answer this question: what drives you?

“Do they pay you?” “No.”

“Then why do you do what you do?” “Because they appreciate it.”

“Did they tell you they appreciate it?” “No, they show it. And that is ALL that matters to me.”

He walks away in utter disbelief shaking his head. I on the other hand, swell with pride because I stood up for myself for once. Life is good.


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