Driving Into the Storm

imageToday I traveled to a city about an hour south of my home town to have my car serviced. Living in a rural America has advantages but many more disadvantages like the distance I have to travel to buy groceries, gas, have my car serviced, check my mail and the such.

I had to drive into a major storm with high winds and strong lightening strikes all around me as I drove today. I love to watch storms from a distance but really do not prefer to be right in the middle of them. I especially do not like when the storm is ahead of me I can see it and I have no choice but to drive right into it. But that was my fate this morning.

In life there are storms that we have to drive right into and sometime we drive right out of them with out harm. And other times like today we have to drive right into them and stay for a while feeling the full effect of the storm.

As I ponder this today I realize this storm is not a reflection of me or anything I have done. I am not responsible for it nor can I control it. But I must endure it and once I am out of this storm I will not give it another thought unless I experience some sort of harm from it.

In life there are storms we encounter and endure. We drive right into them without realizing the impact it will have on our lives. There are times it takes years to get over the effects of the storm, such as Hurricane Sandy on the east coast. Other times the storms come and pass quickly and there is a refreshing in the air that causes us to feel cleansed and revived.

We cannot avoid the storms of life. They will mold and shape us whether we want them to or not. And our attitude, positive or negative, will determine the storms effect on us.

It helps me to realize that many of the storms that have come my way in the past were not not cause by something I did or didn’t do. I still had to weather the storm and its damage in the aftermath but I do not have to take ownership of it. I do not have to walk in shame or resentment or unforgiveness or any of the other poisons that seek to destroy and suck the life out of me.

I will walk in truth. I have faith and respond to God. And He answers. He is faithful even in the storms of this life.


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