Is it possible to hold someone’s heart with unforgiveness? Does forgiveness release the heart of the other or just your own heart?

I was driving in my car and I became keenly aware of the mass unforgiveness I carried in my heart. The thought hit me that in holding this in my heart I was not only hurting myself but I was also holding the person who inflicted the abuse upon me from entering into a certain level in the heavenlies. You see the person has died. The person has now entered Glory but I had a feeling he was not able to enter into the place he desired or maybe God desired he be able to enter into. I was reminded of the verse where it says it is better that a millstone be tied around a person’s neck and they be thrown into the sea than to cause even one of His little ones to go astray. A millstone. It said a millstone. I had indeed been left out for dead. Could I hold someone with my unforgiveness? Wow, what I though. No way could I ever do that to someone. No way could I ever hurt anyone like I have been hurt. So when posed with the question of whether I could forgive or not I easily forgave. A matter of the heart. I released the person from guilt. I forgave and felt the release happen.

See this person was the man I gave my heart to when I was young. The father of my children, he was my husband. I loved him and no matter how much he hurt or destroyed me and my walk there is no way I could ever bring harm to him in this life or his eternal life. Forgiven is forgiven but it has left me feeling very depressed.

Now I have no scriptural support for this so don’t crucify me, please. I was in the moment and I believe it was God’s directing.


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