Divine Protection

I have had a very uneasy feeling about the company I have the second interview with on Friday. Everything looks ok but it just didn’t feel right, an intuitive thing. (But I tend to be an overly cautious person which can be a flaw!)

Today as I drove to a event I prayed I’d get clear direction about the company. Some of my fellow attendees do not know I am not working at my previous employer anymore just volunteering. I was sitting with one of them who is also a Christian friend and she was telling me she missed seeing me as often and wanted to know why, so I told her. I also told her about the job interview but did not share my concern about the company. She warned me not to work for the company. She told me things are not as they appear and although she knew why she could not give me the reason but she warned me it was not a good thing to be associated with. I never told her I had concerns but I thanked her for the info.

My friend is a community business woman with connections and she told me she will make some calls for me and see if she can recommend me for positions.

Because my head was “clear” and not in a panic about the future I was able to “hear” what she was saying.

My friend never got back with me about recommendations but I still feel good about not working for the company in question.


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