Job or Not?

I thought I had a job. Well I know I had a job offer and I accepted or thought I had accepted it. The boss lady told me to come and work a health fair which I did and now I have not heard back from her. It is with a consulting business that she runs out of her home so there is not an office I can go to in order to find out if I am in fact employed.

It is so frustrating and discouraging. My thoughts tell me she must not of liked me or she would have called or emailed me back. I am a bit confused. I hate this unemployed status. It speaks of failure. I am not a failure I just hit a bump in the road that has turned into a major sink hole.

Was my work at the health fair just volunteer?

I think I need to stop volunteering because people will take all the volunteer work they can get. I was at an office last week working (volunteering) and one of the employees were scheduled to get off at 2pm and had overworked by 15 minutes. When she realized it she snatched up her purse and said, “I got off at 2. I am out of here. I can’t afford to work for free.” And she promptly walked out.

My hope is that companies will see my faithfulness and value and want to hire me. But I guess she is right, why hire when they can get free labor. I just don’t get life anymore.

I have served my whole life. I have poured so much into so many lives. I just don’t get why I am in this place at this age. So discouraging.


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