Mission complete. Jan 24, 2013


So what is one to do when they discover that what they had been doing is not what they are to be doing. I have spent years fulfilling another person’s dream and with great success but now I find I have completed that mission.

Yes, it was with great success and great joy I announce I have completed the mission that was set before me all those years ago. Time to move on.

Life is interesting. We walk in what we think we should be doing trusting and hoping it is the right thing to do at the time. And somehow with God’s help we discover that yes indeed it is the right thing.

I always wanted to hear my Father say “well done my faithful servant. Now come and enter into your joy.” Now I must believe that I have walk a walk worthy of that which He had called me.

Man cannot destroy what God has call you to do. Thought it may look like it in the natural just look with the spiritual eyes and you will see the Glory of The Lord that is reserved for those that are faithful.

Man cannot not abort the divine plan of the almighty though they may think they have. What man meant for harm let God have the last word and all the Glory!

Like Ezekiel of old I speak to the dry bones, “LIVE!” Oh hear the bones rattling together. Oh see the joints come together. Oh see the breath of God as He breathes life into them. What God resurrects let no man destroy.

I have been to the the Valley of the Shadow of Death. What a awesome and beautiful place it is to behold. Deep. Wide. Vast. And out of that valley I will rise and live again! In Jesus Name. I am who I am. I am what I was created to be. No man can destroy what God has created though He tries.


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