Things of beauty I have seen. A graceful dancer worshipping God, a chorus of children singing and worshipping – things of beauty I have seen and experienced. Pageantry, dramas, worship praise and declarations. I have experienced the awesomeness of God’s presence in such a real way. This I will miss more than words will describe.

The corporate worship, the corporate praise, the corporate prayer, the body of Christ in tangible displays. The tent of God’s presence, the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy of Holies I am so grateful for what I had. What a privilege to have experienced all of that in my life time. How much more awesome will it be to experience it in the presence of the living God face to face. We can only display a small portion of what the heavenly reality will be.

Oh how I long for the presence of God. How I long to be wrapped in His Glory just once more in a corporate way. Words cannot express the power in this form of the Holy Spirit. How can I settle for less. How can I not walk in what I know. How, I ask, how? I so long for it. When you have had and experienced the Presence nothing else will satisfy.

More of You in my life I pray.


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