Bible App


You tried the Bible App YouVersion? I used to use and absolutely loved it! I study my Bible and take appropriate notes. Then I would journal and dialogue with God all in the little notes section. Only to my horror to find out people could read those notes And “follow” me.

OMG I screamed! My heart was laid bare and exposed for the world to see. I don’t want somebody to follow me as I’m dialoguing with God. My time with God is more intimate than the intimate time with my late husband! So I had no choice I had to delete the app and I created this blog. If I’m going to lay my heart out there for the world to see I’m going to do it on purpose. I’m going to choose what I reveal. If people want to follow me here I welcome it. If people want to make comments here I welcome it. This, This blog is the appropriate place for that!

We live in a world of Facebook, Pinterest, Blogging and virtual friends. A world where human touch is obsolete and invasion of privacy is rampant. And we think that this is called having friends! I don’t think so!

Shame on you YouVersion for not creating your app so that followers can be turned off. Shame on you for making it so that a widow who needs solitude doesn’t have it Except in real life. I am so alone and I just needed a place where I can meet with God Without intrusion of followers!


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