“The world today is full of people who are suffering from emotional pain. The cause is often abuse, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, disappointment, judgment, criticism or other negative behavior by others. This emotional pain can be more devastating than physical pain because people feel that they have to hide it and pretend it isn’t real.” from Joyce Meyers

Hiding pain is the normal for today’s Christian. It is totally unacceptable to show emotion especially negative emotion because, well, the lack of faith that is associated with negative emotion. So we walk around with false “happy” on our faces and try to make people think we are happy. Well that is simply lying, right? And lying is wrong too.

The modern religious world has forced individual Christians to portray this positive image that masks the real person. If even a little bit of the real person leaks that is in the least bit negative it is perceived as unacceptable and intolerable.

I have come to realize this lifestyle is just too hard to live long term and I don’t believe it is what Jesus wants us to live. He did not tell us to be fake. He told us to deny ourselves and follow him. Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.” (Matthew 16:24 NIV) And what does that mean any way? Leaders would like you to believe it means to conform to what they think you should be but is it that really it? I don’t think so.

How can we follow him and live an emotional lie? We can’t. We must be in tune to our emotions in order to live emotionally healthy lives. Now I don’t mean we should live sad and whinny lives but we must deal with our sadness. We must deal with our emotional health in our heart and spirit to live our lives true and unmasked. We must be real in order to be truly happy. And sometime real is not acceptable to the Christian population. But this is OK because it is acceptable to Jesus and isn’t that what it is really about anyway!


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