Do I feel forsaken by God because of all that has happened in my life. Maybe. I know that the Word says he will never forsake me but what do I do when it feels that way. How could I feel so alone durning a time when I so need Him.

That very foundation of all that I believe has been shaken and now I have to examine all that I have believed. Do believe all that I have been taught? I have believed with all my heart I believed all my being, my soul. I believed. And then I was hit so hard. It hurts so bad. I have not been able to get on with it. I can not seem to recover. I think I do feel forsaken and abandoned but I know I have not. I know God is ever with me.

So tell me God what do I believe now. Who do I believe now? Did I believe in a person or did I believe in you. I must have trusted more in man than you and that must be why I fell so hard. I need to discover what I believe now and once I discover that I know I will be able to walk on and continue to be strong. Not just outward strong but truly strong. Jesus strong.

Help me to discover what I truly believe and what you want me to believe because then I will be able to continue to go and grow and live and not stumble so badly over man and what they say and do.

You know God it was man that was use as the vehicle that allowed me to crash and burn. I don’t want to stay in this spot of belief or is it disbelief?
Do I really believe anything I used to believe I before. Tell me God I need to understand me and my relationship with you. I really need to find you and my spot with you again.

Your Word says you will never leave me or forsake me. I do believe that I choose to believe that.

So is that really really still the call on my life? I scream to you!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!


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