Things I Over Hear!

I am sitting at the deli on Main Street by myself eating today’s special listening to the conversation around me like I always do when a family comes in and sits at the table across from me. There is young couple and another couple that looks like they could be her parents with them. They are chatting away about all kinds of things when I hear the young man say “she is everything I am not” and I think to myself, what a wonderful thing for him to say about his young wife. They give each other a strange look and I think, ok maybe there is more to this. Then he proceeds to say “she always says, ‘it’s too cold or it is too hot or the shower is too hot or too cold or it is too this or it is too that’, always the opposite of me.” Had I not been sitting right next to them to hear the whole conversation his first comment would have made my day. However having heard it all I have a strong desire to recommend a good marriage counselor before they get into real trouble!


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