ImageLet me introduce myself briefly. I am a rose that has wilted from years of neglect. I am a song that did not get sung. I am a garden that was not watered therefore it did not grow. I am a container whose lid was shut tight. I am nothing unusual except I am everything unusual. Here I will post thoughts and feelings. I will digest my life and try to make sense of it. Here there will be a dawning of light again – I hope.

I am a beautiful woman who was widowed too soon. I am a leader who was kicked when I was down. Be patient with me as I try to revive my soul and live again – I hope.

My thoughts will be scattered. My thoughts will be shallow. My thoughts will be deep. My thoughts may not even make sense. But as I sort through all this muck I will again arise a beautiful woman. I will begin to live again – I hope.

You may comment if you’d like I won’t mind at all. See I have been very alone since I was widowed and abandoned but I will talk more about that later.


2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I like your ambiguous tone and am interested to know what it all means. You are a widow it seems, but you have a tone of oppression and am curioius what the other part of your story is? I was a young widow 11 years ago. We might share some similarities. I look forward to reading more and getting to know you and your story.


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